Family Promise

FAMILY PROMISE is a nationwide ministry that brings shelter, meals, and support services to families without homes.  American Martyrs is part of a local church and community network that hosts families by providing food, lodging and volunteers.  We host program families at our Spirituality Center (SC).  More information about Family Promise of the South Bay can be found at


Set-up & Clean-up

Set up is on Sunday at a time determined when we host. This crew will help set-up the bedrooms for guests and overnight hosts. Tasks include setting up the bedrooms, bathrooms, toiletry basket and extra blankets to each room.

Clean up is usually Sunday after 9am or at a time to be determined. Clean up includes restoring the rooms back to their original placement and putting items back in their designated storage area.

Dinner Preparers

Dinner is a hot meal prepared at the volunteer`s home or in the SC kitchen. Volunteers should plan to be at the SC at 5:30pm when the guests arrive. A well-balanced meal is served at about 6:00pm.  Cooking dinner is a good opportunity for church groups - such as Bible studies, Knights of Columbus, ministry groups, etc. - to get involved in helping. Dinner preparers might also consider being an overnight host after attending Orientation.

Evening Hosts

These volunteers may be part of the dinner preparation team or may arrive to eat with the guests. Evening hosts should plan on being there from 5:00-8:30 pm. Evening hosts socialize with the guests, welcome newcomers, and assist parents with children`s needs. Some activities might include "G" movies, board games, cards, arts/crafts, etc.


One or two volunteers assist with homework, reading to the children and such tasks when appropriate from 7:00-8:30pm.

Overnight Hosts

Two hosts, one male and one female, spend the night at the SC. Overnight hosts spend time with the guests and are available in case of an emergency. Other responsibilities include locking the exterior door at 9:00pm, turning off lights at 10:00pm, waking guests by 6:00am and doing simple clean up after they leave and locking all the doors. Overnight hosts stay from 8:30pm-7:00am. 

Breakfast Preparers

On weekdays, you prepare breakfast that is a quick, simple meal (cereal, muffins, toast, juice, coffee) because guests must be ready to leave in the van at 7:00am.  Often, on weekends, breakfast is more relaxed and hosts prepare something more substantial, such as bacon and eggs, or pancakes.  You also assist guests in packing their lunches by putting out all food items for them.


Each host week, one or two volunteers wash and replace the guests’ and overnight hosts' towels and sheets.