"As you prepare for the Baptism of your child, the Church and your parish community offer your family their support. Together, we can begin to undertake the Christian upbringing of your child and explore the meaning of Baptism not just for the day of the ceremony, but for life!”  - Rev. Msgr. John F. Barry


Complete the Baptism Information Form (1 for each child)

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STEP 2 - Baptismal Interview

To help you be ready for your child's Baptism, we require a Baptismal interview with the parents and one Baptism preparation class for parents and godparents. The First Step in the planning of your child's baptism is to complete the Baptism Information Form. Once we receive your completed Baptism Information Form, someone from the Baptism Ministry will contact you to set up a date and time for your interview. In that interview, which generally lasts 15-30 minutes, we obtain the legal information for the records, and answer questions you may have. Godparents are not required to come to this interview.

STEP 3 - Baptism Preparation Class

To help you be ready for your child's Baptism, we require that the parents and godparents attend one baptism preparation class, following the Baptismal interview.  Once you complete your interview, you do not need to make an appointment to take the class, just show up.
Both the class and the separate interview must occur before the Baptism takes place. To have a child baptized at American Martyrs Church, the family should be registered.


Godparents represent the spiritual community of the parish. Being a godparent is much more than an honorary title. Through Baptism, godparents enter a lifelong faith relationship with the child … an unbreakable bond.
The two godparents should be practicing Catholics who have been fully initiated into the Church through the sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation. (A baptized person who belongs to a non-Catholic ecclesial community may be admitted only in company with a Catholic sponsor.) 

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