Men's Cornerstone


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An opportunity to pause, reflect and be thankful

Cornerstone offers an opportunity to step out of your daily routine to think about and discuss those things that matter to you most. Cornerstone is a chance to meet regular guys, just like you, who will share with you their common experiences, in life and in faith. It's an opportunity to grow stronger in your faith and your relationships with others - especially your family. It's a navigation tool to get you to where you want to be in life. It helps remind you what is important in life, and what is not. Most importantly - you are not alone! There are men out there who share your struggles, successes, values and interests. When you hear their stories, you will empathize, find strength, peace, and forge friendships.

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You may share in the discussion as much or as little as you choose, or not at all, if that is your preference.

Every man benefits from Cornerstone

Cornerstone isn’t for any specific type of man. It is for working and non-working men, dads and non-dads, married, single and divorced men, introvert or extrovert and for men of all ages. Some are active church goers, and some haven't been to Mass in a while. No matter where you are in your faith, Cornerstone will have a visible and measurable impact on your life. It is for anyone looking for a deeper connection to God, self, and other men within our church community. There is a place in Cornerstone for every man.

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It doesn’t matter how well you know the mass responses and prayers, or if you know them at all, there is no judgment.

It is for YOU because it is run by men like YOU

Cornerstone is run by previous attendees of Cornerstone. Regular guys, all of whom once attended their first Cornerstone and were so moved by the experience that they became part of the team. The program is supervised by a spiritual director to ensure the precepts of the church are represented, but the event itself is orchestrated by guys just like you.

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You will make lifelong friends and have a ton of fun

Men’s Cornerstone starts with a celebration of amazing food, drinks, and strangers and ends with a celebration of even better food, drinks and friends. You’ll have plenty of social time to get to know your new brothers. You can't begin to imagine the bond that forms in such a short time, and nobody will believe you had so much fun.

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Join us and if you think Cornerstone was a waste of your time, the guys organizing this event for YOU will personally donate $100 to American Martyrs Church.

Why not?

If you are hesitant and thinking “this is not for me”, you are not alone. Almost every man felt this way before attending Cornerstone for the first time and all of them were glad they took the plunge. If you don’t want to have fun, make lifelong friends, and work on becoming an even better man for those you love, maybe it’s time to wonder why. Cornerstone is exactly what you need to pause and reflect. There is nothing to lose and a lot to gain, all in a comfortable, relaxed environment with no pressure or judgement, with great food and drinks, and with your community brothers.

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It is not only about praying, it is also about learning from life experiences.

Cornerstone is hosted at American Martyrs Church

The Men’s 2024 Cornerstone retreat takes place at American Martyrs Church starting at 5pm on Friday the 9th of February and continues through the evening of Saturday the 10th of February. All meals (including Friday dinner through Saturday dinner) are included. We offer accommodations to those who wish to sleep-over or you may sleep at home and return Saturday morning. There is no cost to attend Cornerstone.

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