Family to Family

The Family to Family project is an annual tradition at American Martyrs where we help support families in need from our sister parish, St. Lawrence of Brindisi in Watts.  Without us, they may not have a Christmas meal or gifts for their families.  This program is based on financial need, and the families are interviewed by staff members of the St. Lawrence parish.




  • Decide what size family you’d like to sponsor (e.g. family with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 children).
  • Purchase gift cards/scrip, as recommended below, and include in a Christmas card.
  • Gift cards/scrip and Christmas greeting cards can be purchased at the Welcome Center, or elsewhere. 


Christmas Meal

Purchase a gift card/scrip from El Super or Food4Less, keeping in mind how many people are in the family. El Super cards can be purchased thru the Scrip Desk; Food4Less cards must be purchased at the store.
Recommended amounts: $75 for a family with 1 child, $200 for a family with 5-6 children.

Christmas Presents

Purchase gift cards/scrip from Target and/or Walmart, at the Scrip Desk in the Welcome Center or online. The recommended amount below is one that allows the families to purchase 3 reasonable gifts per child and if possible, pajamas/underwear/socks, and a stocking with personal necessities (toothbrush, shampoo, soap, etc.) We also suggest a reasonable family gift (e.g. blanket, sheets, cooking pot).
Recommended amounts: $75-$100 per child, and $25-$50 for family gift.

Donations for the program are also welcome!

Donations will go directly toward the purchase of gift cards to support additional families from St. Lawrence of Brindisi.

Don't Forget...

  • Please sign the Christmas card from you/your family/friends/group.  On the outside of your Christmas card, write the family size (# of children)  your gift is intended to support.

If you have sponsored a family in the past, you know that the gift is truly given back to you by the project.

Questions? Email

We thank you for your generosity, participation and contribution – may you continue to experience all of God’s blessings throughout the holiday season and always.