The family to family project began 13 years ago here at American Martyrs and is a Thanksgiving and Christmas tradition here in the parish.

We sponsor families from our sister parish, St. Lawrence of Brindisi with gifts for the holidays…without us, they may not have a Thanksgiving meal or Christmas for their families. The families fill out an application for the program based on financial need, and are interviewed by staff members of the St. Lawrence parish.

If you’ve sponsored a family in the past, you know that the gift is truly given back to you by the project, it’s an amazing feeling. If you haven’t participated, we encourage you to do so this year.

We have approximately 400 families that we sponsor each year and we need your help. Team up with family and friends to sponsor a larger family.
Group together to sponsor even a small family – there is no limit to what we can do if we work together.

Please remember that this is a two-fold project…both the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays!

Sign-ups for the F2F Project are typically the first two weekends in November.

Any general questions about the Family to Family program, please refer to the list of FAQ’s or send us a message.

What do I do with the Christmas grocery store gift card for the parents?

Please place the gift card in a Christmas greeting card, seal it and place it in the bottom of one of the large bags. The families know to look for it – write OPEN NOW on the envelope. If you are doing gifts or a gift basket for the family, you may also place the greeting card in the basket.

If I am purchasing a bike, do I assemble it, or leave it in a box?

Please assemble all bicycles!

How do I wrap a bicycle?

There is no need to wrap a bicycle. Please place a bow on it, label it for the recipient and please include the FAMILY NUMBER. Count this as one of the blue bags – ie: 1 of 4, 2 of 4 etc.

Can I drop my bags off early?

No! We have two days of drop-off scheduled. If, for some reason, you cannot drop your bags off during one of these two days and timeframes, please ask a friend, neighbor or parishioner to drop your bags off for you. Unfortunately, we do not have storage space allotted to us for this program. We rely on you to get them to us on time so that the families receive the gifts in time.

Can we meet our family?

Due to the size of this program, it is very difficult to have American Martyrs families at the drop off at St. Lawrence...there simply is not enough room at their parish to accommodate that many people and traffic. Please include a personal note to your family and encourage them to write you back.

Whose name do I sign on the gifts and cards?

Please sign your family name. It makes it personal!

Where can I get more of the large labeled bags?

Additional bags will be available at the drop off. To arrange for additional bags prior to the drop off, please contact Mary Roberti –

can’t read some items on my application because the words are in Spanish

Many words are able to be translated by visiting “Google” on the web. In addition, the itranslate app is very helpful if you have the ability to download it. If you are unable to translate, please email us at - we will try to get it translated for you, and back to you as soon as possible!

What should I include as a gift for the parents?

The parent gifts can be anything from items for their kitchen, linens or towels, blankets, food items in a basket. Truly, any gift you give them will be appreciated!

Will I receive a thank you note?

The families are encouraged to write thank you notes back to the sponsors, but many times, the language barrier prevents them from being able to express their thanks. Please know that you are so appreciated for what you have done and that the gift of giving is the best reward. You are helping to make a family holiday special by your efforts. We do receive a lot of thank you notes after the new year, and they are distributed to the best of our ability

Some of the items on the wish list are quite expensive, do I have to get what is on the list?

This is a VERY common question. Please know that this is their one and only chance to make a “wish list” and sometimes it may seem that they are asking for large items. You are not required to purchase what is on their list. Keep in mind, it is typically young children or teens filling out the forms who want the latest and greatest items as most children do! Use your best judgment and participate as much as YOU feel comfortable. Any gift that you give them is appreciated.

Can we team up with another family once we sign up?

Absolutely! Teaming up on this project is always encouraged. It helps to offset the overall costs and time to gather everything for the family!