Volunteer to Teach

Qualities of the SRE teacher or catechist

The church makes it quite clear that to be a catechist, the term used for our SRE teachers, is to have a vocation.  The term catechist refers to those who serve in the religious education programs and those who serve as teachers of religion in Catholic schools.

As a catechist, you might wonder what qualifies you to serve in this way in the church.  Actually, you have been called because you show potential for developing these qualities...

  • desire to grow in and share faith
  • an awareness of God's grace
  • a commitment to the church's liturgical and sacramental life and moral teachings
  • strength of character built on patience
  • a generosity of spirit, a respect for diversity, and a habit of hospitality and inclusion

Knowledge and Skills of a Catechist

  • A basic understanding of Catholic teaching, Scripture, and Catholic Tradition
  • Honest and caring relationships with young people
  • Effective teaching techniques and strategies

Time Commitment

  • Regular prayer and participation in the sacraments
  • Orientation with the Director of Religious Education 
  • Weekly meeting with your children September to May
  • Lesson preparation on the campus and clean up following class
  • Lesson planning time of 1-2 hours each lesson
  • Quarterly meetings for fellowship and inservices
  • Continuing Education opportunities  in the parish and throughout the Archdiocese  
  • Fingerprinting through livescan
  • Child sexual awareness program completion