Father's Day

Dear Friends,

Happy Father’s Day to all the men in our lives who image for us the “Abba” we address to God, Our Father. I hope this Father’s Day prayer card will help you express your feelings before God who loves and cherishes each one of us.

As your pastor, I treasure the shepherding title “Father.” It is a joy for me to hear little children call out to me using one of my ‘many’ names. The same happens as I walk around town. The car windows roll down and my “kids” call out a greeting. It lifts my soul!

We have all experienced the postponing of celebrations for special life events. I look forward to a later date when we will celebrate together. 

However, the seasons don’t stop and summer will happen. State or local entities have no control over that! Enjoy this time with your family, and if you travel, please bring back your church experiences to enrich our American Martyrs parish life. 

I love you and God bless all of you. 

~ Msgr. John Barry

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