Welcome Father Emmanuel Sylvester


7/6/24 | Announcements

    American Martyrs is pleased to welcome Fr. Emmanuel Sylvester as our new Associate Pastor.

    Fr. Emmanuel was born in southern India, one block from the Indian ocean. He was ordained in 1988, worked as a high school headmaster for three years and earned a Masters Degree in Social Work. Having served as a pastor for 13 years in the Diocese of Crookston, Minnesota after emigrating to the U.S., Fr. Emmanuel is understandably excited to be returning to the beach!

    Before his assignment to our parish, Fr. Emmanuel was an Associate Pastor at St. John the Baptist Church in Baldwin Park for 2 years. He knows 8 Indian languages and he can celebrate Mass in Spanish. His hobbies are book publishing, golfing, skiing and learning new languages.

    Let’s all please give Fr. Emmanuel a warm American Martyrs welcome to our parish community!