Stewardship Renewal

Make your Commitment to Pray, Serve and Give



We reflect on the “WHY,” the “HOW” and the “WHAT” of our faith lives. I would love for all of us to be united in community and connected in faith by this same gift of reflection and renewal. 

We start out with the question “WHY.”  Jesus asked Bartimaeus--why are you calling me? Bartimaeus’s response was simple -- “I want to see.” An insightful word cloud shows the words  that are fundamental to our understanding of Stewardship.  

Jesus tells the Scribe, and tells us, that the greatest commandment is Love -- love God and love your neighbor. In our fabulous Stewardship video we see “HOW” our community is living out our faith in loving service to God and to our neighbors in so many impactful ways.  

And we reflect on the stories from Scripture of two poor widows. Both are given to us as great examples of believers who prayerfully responded to God’s love with their WHATs of prayer, service and generosity. The widow of Zarephath shared her last cup of flour and last jar of oil with Elijiah, trusting completely in God’s mercy. The widow in the Temple, who was there to pray along with all of the other worshipers gathered in the courtyard, was singled out by Jesus not because of the amount she gave, just two small coins, but because of the sacrifice she made -- giving from her poverty all she had in faith and trust. 

All of us are connected believers. All of us have received gifts to help other people.  If you haven’t joined us in answering the questions WHY, HOW and WHAT in your own life, I am asking you to think about them now. 

  • WHY are you an American Martyrs parishioner?
  • HOW have you seen our community demonstrating our love for God and neighbor?
  • And WHAT will you do to help? 

Just as the disciples encouraged Bartimaeus:  “Jesus is calling you. Take Courage,” God is calling YOU. Take courage, use this LINK to complete the Commitment Card and rededicate yourself to pray, serve and give so that you may more fully realize what God wants for you. 

I am forever grateful for all of you.

God Bless you always,
Monsignor John Barry