A Tithing Parish

Committed to Tithe

Monsignor Barry and the American Martyrs Finance Council committed more than 30 years ago to set aside 10% of our regular offertory for the poor. As part of our Expanding Welcome Embracing Community (EWEC) campaign, we also committed to tithe from all campaign proceeds. Each year we use our tithing funds to support poor parishes and schools and other charitable institutions dedicated to serving those in need. 

in 2019, tithing from EWEC provided special support for the following parishes:
  • Our Lady of Sorrows, Santa Barbara, $60,000 for plumbing needs
  • St. Mark, Goleta: $15,000 for rectory projects
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe, Santa Paula: $40,000 for a church roof
  • St. Paul, Los Angeles: $65,000 for school building stairs
  • St. Albert the Great, Rancho Dominguez: $89,000 for church parking and $28,000 for fencing
  • St. Cecilia, Los Angeles: $17,000 for office heating equipment
  • St. Raphael, Los Angeles: $16,000 for roof repairs
  • St. Mary, Los Angeles: $15,000 for roof repairs
  • Amazing Parish Conference: $75,000 for scholarships to help inner city parishes participate

Catholic Charities of Los Angeles, specifically to Our Lady of the Angels Region, received funding for a project in the Venice community. The St. Robert’s Center has been renovated, in part with funding from American Martyrs Tithing Committee, and provides respite day care for homeless and at-risk pregnant and parenting youth and their young children. The program, called “The Landing” at St. Robert’s Center, began providing services in January 2019.

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