LinC Small Faith Groups

What are LinC in Communities?

We need more than regular Mass attendance to live and grow in our Christian faith and we can't grow spiritually without connecting with others. Through faith sharing groups, parishioners can grow and thrive in their faith while building lasting, supportive relationships for a life time. If you are connected, doing life together, praying and learning about God together, it is impossible to stumble without someone being there to help you get back up! LinC Faith Sharing Groups provide a way for Christians to live out their faith in real life...together.

What is the commitment/schedule?

Please join us for our LinC 4-week virtual Advent series with Fr.Jim Clarke. New content each week, with the same session offered virtually at 5 different time slots for weeks 1-3. Week 4 will have 3 different time slots to choose from.

What can I expect?

LinC in Communities, will be gathering virtually until further notice.

Would You Like to Host a Group?

If you would like to Host a LinC Small Faith Group, thank you! Please complete the form below or contact Matthew Leon, Director of LinC Small Faith Groups.

Host/Leader Training

Please contact Matthew Leon, Director of LinC Small Faith Groups for the current training schedule.