Women's "Return to the Root" Retreat

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    "If you pull up a plant in the garden, dig out a dandelion in the lawn,
    or find a shrub uprooted by a fierce wind,
    you will notice that each has a central support system called a taproot
    from which all smaller roots develop".   ~ Joyce Rupp

    Looking for a wonderful way to become spiritually rooted in 2022?
     Do your "roots" need the water of prayer and reflection? 

    Come explore and reflect on the roots of your sou and self as we journey on this 12-month commitment to read Joyce Rupp's newest book "Return to the Root, Reflections on the Inner Life."   The book has a chapter for each month of the year.   We will read the reflections and prayers for the month (about 20 pages) and gather in groups once a month to discuss.   We plan to offer three gathering options :

    • gather in person in the morning,
    • gather in person in the evening,
    • gather on Zoom in the evening.

    All that is required is to sign up and pick your preferred time and by purchasing the book from Pages or Amazon.

    This is open to all women.  If you have any questions, please reply to