Our Annual Renewal



The past few years, we have focused our Annual Stewardship Renewal on the importance of Time and Talent. This year, our efforts are focused on how we give of our Treasurehow we use the financial gifts God has given to us and the need we each have to give gratefully and generously.

This is the third calling of our Stewardship commitment, and probably the most complicated to address. If you already give to the Offertory, at Mass or through Faith Direct, please consider increasing your contributions this year. If you do not give regularly we ask you to reflect on the many blessings you have in your life and plan your giving to the parish this year. By combining our giving, we at American Martyrs can do so much within the parish and beyond our borders.



As you reflect and commit to giving of your Treasure to the Offertory this year, please also renew your commitments to:


Time spent in

    • personal prayer
    • prayer with family and friends, and
    • prayer during the celebration of the Mass with other in our parish community.


Talents used in 

    • humble service of others in need,
    • service within our church and parish ministries, and
    • service ultimately to God.


Thank you for your renewing your Stewardship commitments this year.