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Daily Reflections

N. Night. For most of us, it entails rest; it is a downtime when the engines of our busy lives get some chance to enter “pause” time. There are also negatives associated with night. Some people dread the long nights, they fear being alone. It is a time when some thieves come out. Sacred Scripture very often describes night in this way. Remember the story about Nicodemus who lived a “night faith”; he came to Jesus by night lest he be discovered as a “believer.” I sometimes think I may be like Nicodemus and feel more comfortable with a “night faith.” What about you?

Daily Reflections

M. Mind is a great starting word for a conversation. In sacred scripture we read, “Let that mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus.” Have you ever thought about the mind of Jesus? How might one describe it? I remember how He spoke about and to the poor or when He comforted the sick and sinners. Then I ask myself do I have that mind? So today what is on your mind? What do you think is on the mind of your friends? Would you be comfortable in discussing how it relates to the mind of Jesus?

Reflecting on L - Learn

As a believer I think of the Lord’s invitation, “learn from me for I am meek and humble of heart.”  Learning something new is always exciting.  It is like running a metal detector over the sand and waiting for the signal to dig and discover.  The world around us is always our classroom.  Is there more you would like to learn about your faith?  Reading a Bible passage each day is a great way to learn more about who we are as people of the Word.  It is also a gift you give yourself.

B. Barnacle

 As I think of the letter B, I think of the word, barnacle.  A barnacle sticks onto the hull of a boat and slows it down.  Unless they are removed regularly, they grow worse.  It is the same with us, we need to identify the “barnacles” that hold us back and then clean them off.  What is weighing you down?  Bring it to the Lord and get rid of it.

A. Answer

Do you have the Answer?  Do I?  I believe we are always searching and the search itself is the gift.  One answer should trigger a new question.  This is not a negative; it is a way for us to develop a deeper understanding.  I know that God is the ultimate answer but believers should always strive to know more about the Infinite One.  Jesus says, “No one knows the Father but the Son and anyone to whom the Son wishes to reveal Him."