Experiencing the Mass

To help the parish community gain a deeper understanding and love of the Sunday Mass, the Liturgy and Worship Commission will be presenting during four weekends at all the Masses brief explanations of the various parts of the Liturgy.  

Some of us have grown up attending Mass, but maybe not really knowing why the various parts of the Mass are the way they are. We hope these short comments will help us understand and appreciate a bit more how extraordinary the Mass really is.

In the beginning is the Gathering Rite

The gathering rite gives a formal beginning to our mass and sets the mood. It is helpful to have this start, so that we all know that this is the time to open ourselves more fully to the presence of God and to leave our preoccupation with schedules, plans, and other daily concerns behind.

 So who’s got a story?

The two central parts of the Mass are the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist. 

The Liturgy of the Word is that time when we share our history through the scripture readings, but scripture is not only a collection of histories; rather it is something that can inform and inspire our lives today. The stories we tell here ae also stories that relate fundamentally to our own lives. If you think they’re old, boring, and useless, please, just listen. You might find something that could change your life.