Mass Intentions and Prayers for the Sick and Deceased

Mass Intentions

Mass requests are scheduled in person at the Parish Center office. A Mass may be requested up to a year in advance. 

Prayers for the Sick and Deceased

You pray for me. I pray for you. We pray for one another.

Each week we bring to Mass the people in our lives - friends, neighbors and family - who are in need of our prayers. People often ask us to pray for them, or we are simply aware of someone who needs our prayer.   

The names of parishioners and close relatives of parishioners are announced during the Prayers of the Faithful. The purpose of announcing these names is to notify the community of its members, or close relatives of its members, who are ill or who have died. 

Please call the rectory, 310-545-5651, with the names of family members who are ill or deceased. 

Book of Special Intentions

Any special intentions or prayer requests may be written in the Book of Special Intentions located at the Shrine of the Blessed Mother at the front of the church.