Stewardship of Treasure


Discovering Prayer in All Aspects of Life

– Even Finances

It is tempting to compartmentalize the different aspects of our lives. For example, our daily routine can be split up into time spent at work and time spent at home. On a broader scale, our lives can be broken down into time spent with God and…everything else. And while the average Catholic spends just a few hours each week engaged in worship and prayer, our goal should be much greater.

Every moment of our lives is an opportunity to grow in our relationship with Christ. Prayer is the best way to do that. Even things that seem to have no connectionto God, can be approached in prayer. Our treasure is a great example. Like everygift God gives to us, use of our finances comes with responsibility. We must use our money wisely and in ways that reflect our love for Christ and others. How do we use our treasure to give glory to God? Does our monthly budget reveal areas of our lives that need adjusting? During this year’s Stewardship Renewal, prayerfully consider the ways in which you can share your treasure with the Church and all of God’s people.