Contemplative Prayer

When we pray we join in a steady stream of prayer that is over 2000 years old.  

The Christian experience is not an isolated one, it is a relationship lived with others before God.
A small community of prayer strengthens not only the spiritual life of the one who prays,
but enriches the spirituality vitality of the whole community.

In our culture, there are many voices competing for our attention, and our lives can become imbalanced.  Contemplative prayer is very simply stillness of mind and body in the presence of God.
In prayer, we entrust our whole sense of being completely to God, insofar as we are able, and we prepare
to receive God’s loving presence and action within. We know that through Jesus, by the power of
the Holy Spirit, God is brought close to us than our own thinking and even closer than touch.
We listen with our hearts for the many ways in which the love of God guides and blesses
each one of us within and beyond our faith community.     

We are a Catholic Christian community.  Realizing we are all more alike than we are different,
we welcome those of other faith traditions, as well as those exploring their spirituality. 

Shared silent prayer can be
a very beautiful source of encouragement
for our individual daily prayer,
as we grow in God’s grace as followers of Jesus. 

Our Contemplative Prayer Ministry meets every Tuesday evening in St. Joseph’s Chapel at the Spirituality Center (formerly the Convent) from 7:30 to 8:30 pm.

We begin with a brief reading from one of the saints or mystics of the church, followed by two periods of silent prayer, closing with the “Our Father” and Benedictine night prayer.

Please join us once, often or always, for the Love of it!