Ministries & Commissions

The Pastoral Council uses Commissions to organize the parish ministries and to facilitate the development, review, revision and implementation of the goals and objectives of the Parish Five Year Plan.  All parish ministries are assigned to one of the following five Commissions:
Each Commission has adopted a Charter explaining its purpose and function. Members are selected by the Commission in consultation with the Pastor and in collaboration with the Pastoral Council and generally serve for a term of three years. Each commission is assigned a lay staff liaison to assist it.  

The Commissions lend direction to the ministries in their area of parish life and support the ministries in achieving their goals and carrying out their objectives. The role of each Commission is to:
  • Envision and set goals and objectives for the future of the parish within its particular facet of ministry, regularly reviewing and updating the goals and objective set forth in the parish Five-Year Plan
  • Create subcommittees to accomplish specific goals and objectives of the Commission
  • Collaborate with the ministries associated with the Commission’s area of parish-life and assist the ministries to establish and accomplish their own goals and objectives
  • Facilitate communication between the ministries and the Pastoral Council
  • Review applications for new ministries and make recommendations to the Pastoral Council regarding their approval