In order to provide you with the opportunity to celebrate fully with your family and friends, there will be three (3) liturgies on Saturday morning. The families are assigned by the child's last name.
Once we have a final headcount, the exact breakout by Mass will be provided. Below is based on past years
Typically, the children whose last names begin with:
A - H will be in the 9 am liturgy
I - Q will in the 11 am liturgy (usually "split" somewhere in the middle of the M's)
R - Z will be in the 1 pm liturgy.
Seating is assigned, randomly drawn after duties are determined.
Each child may have 2 adults with them in the pew. There are three communicants with the 2 adults in each pew, for a total of 9 per row. Parents are the usual adults; siblings (including infants) sit in the side areas or behind the reserved pews. 
Only 2 adults are allowed per child per pew. If you are a single parent, you may choose a godparent, grandparent or other adult family member.
Brothers and sisters will not be allowed in the pew, and arrangements should be made for them to sit with friends or relatives in the other areas of the church.