Pastoral Council Corner

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When I was growing up in New York, the most widely read paper was the morning tabloid New York Daily News. A couple of days after the San Bernardino massacre, the News’ front page headline said boldly, “God Isn’t Fixing This.”  That headline apparently was the editors’ reaction to what they perceived as empty pieties of political candidates in the wake of the attack. Whatever the sincerity of political figures may be, the headline got me thinking.  

We should and do ask God to comfort the wounded and the families of those bearing the loss of loved ones murdered.  But what of the killers, those who act out of hate or a blasphemous sense of God’s will? How, in a Jubilee Year of Mercy, do we ask God to “fix” that? If we are truly people of faith, we believe that God can “fix this.” So how do we, as individuals and as the disciples of Christ at American Martyrs, respond?

A few years ago, while visiting a cousin’s lake house in upstate New York, I attended Sunday Mass at a small church.  At the end of the Mass, after the recessional hymn, the entire congregation (nearly all of whom had remained until the end of Mass), knelt for two or three minutes of silent prayer.  The priest told me afterwards they have been doing this for quite a while, spending a few moments to ask God to touch those who could not be there that day, or who for other reasons are distant from His love.

Perhaps that is all we can do. Stay until the end of Mass and for a few moments after that, to ask God to relieve our fears and to pierce the hatred and moral blindness of those who think God welcomes the slaughter of any of his children. 

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