All Souls

November – Our Month for Remembering the Dead 

“Church tradition has always urged prayer for the dead, in particular by offering the celebration of the Eucharist for them: it is the best spiritual help that we can give to their souls, particularly to the most abandoned ones. The foundation of prayers of remembrance is found in the communion of the Mystical Body. Remembering the dead, caring for their tombs and prayers of suffrage are testimony to confident hope, rooted in the certainty that death does not have the last word on human destiny, as humanity is destined for a life without end, that has its root and its fulfillment in God.” - Pope Francis.

Our feasts of All Saints and All Souls  usher in the month of November, when we profess our solidarity with the saints and our ancestors; with those on whose shoulders we stand. Praying for our deceased sisters and brothers is our way of continuing our relationship with them. In all our liturgical prayers we have intercessory prayers for “those who have gone before us.” Both feasts remind us of the Communion of Saints- a bond that all Christians have which transcends time and space. 

We invite our entire parish community to join us in remembering the faithful departed, especially those who have assisted us in life, so that they can receive our prayerful support in their death. 

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