All Souls

Enroll a loved one in the All Souls Novena


Dear Friends,

I have a Celtic soul. I need connections and the constant nourishing of the roots of my life. This past August I spent some time with my family. I knew that after three years away, I needed to walk, remember and talk. Within those activities I heard the whispers of life shared and the journey which has been completed for some of my family and friends while I still put my footprints into the days that are left to me on this earth. 

I was drawn to visit the graves of my parents, family and friends. In walking around two cemeteries, I saw the names of many from my life story: I prayed for them, “It is a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead that they may be loosed from their sins.” 

From there my prayer walk took me to my home parish where I placed my parents’ and family names in the November All Souls offering envelope. I felt my own soul connected to theirs and believe that my whispered prayers will be on the altar of God for the November Novena of Masses. 

This is also your opportunity. You may make a Mass offering (using the link above) as you write the names of your loved ones , and as you do so, you may turn to this traditional Gaelic prayer, “The Harvest is with Christ.”

The seed is with Christ
And the harvest is with Christ.
May we be gathered into God’s granary. 

The sea is with Christ
And the fish are with Christ. 
May we be swept into God’s nets. 

From growth to maturity, 
And from maturity to death, 
May you, O Christ, 
Close your arms tightly around us!

From death to finish-oh, it is not finish, 
But a new growth.
May we be found dwelling
In the paradise of the graced!

God bless you,
Rev. Msgr. John F. Barry, P.A.

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