AMYMLT Confirmation Program

American Martyrs Confirmation program seeks to provide high school teenagers with the theological and spiritual foundation that will inspire them to live their faith with courage and zeal.

Our Confirmation program SEALED. consists of a minimum of two years in faith formation.
Any teen in high school who has been baptized is welcome to begin preparation for this Sacrament.

Our once a month Sunday afternoon gatherings begin at 3:30pm and will end at 6:00pm.

Candidates will:
  • Gather for a large group activity and message to introduce the afternoon's topic 
  • Engage in small group discussion with peers, guided by an adult Core leader
  • Complete their online supplemental material prior to each class
  • Turn in the parent/teen reflection paper when they come to class
Mass will conclude SEALED. classes. Small groups will walk together to their assigned seats in the church before Mass begins.

The Confirmation curriculum established by the Los Angeles Archdiocese provides the topics for teaching and discussion for each of the SEALED. Year 1 and Year 2 sessions.

SEALED. Program Requirements

  1. All candidates must attend two years of Confirmation Preparation. There are 8 sessions throughout each academic year. Candidates are required to attend ALL meetings with no absences. One absence will be allowed with a make-up class. Two absences and families will be asked to meet with Fr. Rick Prindle to discuss moving forward in formation.
  2. All candidates will complete monthly readings from the YouCat and/or Bible, an online quiz, and a parent & teen reflection before before attending monthly meetings.
  3. All Candidates must complete 5 hours of Parish Service and submit their Parish Reflection Form. (Parish service is performed through an American Martyrs ministry.)
  4. All candidates and parents are asked to participate in and attend Mass as an integral part of each  SEALED. session.
  5. All candidates and parents will complete a one-page reflection together based off of a provided prompt (found online in the monthly lesson) before each SEALED. session.
  6. Year 2 candidates must attend a SEALED. Confirmation Retreat or attend another approved retreat experience during the Year 2 Confirmation year.
  7. Year 2 candidates will interview with an Adult Core member at the end of the SEALED. program. This helps the team and candidate to discern the growth of the candidate throughout the two-year process. (Sign-up information for the interview will be included in the monthly emails.)